24 May 2013

Personalised Gifts Site - Make it Personal

Personalised Gifts Site - Make it Personal - Is All Set to Meet Online Demand for This Year’s ‘Must Have’ Father’s Day Gifts

Find out what’s trending as this year’s ‘must have’ Father’s Day gifts and get inspiration from personalised gifts specialists, Make it Personal.

Essex, UK (PRWEB UK) 22 May 2013

personalised gifts canvas

"From the unusual to the classic, our personalised gifts ranges suit all ages and budgets with a truly personal touch"

It is a well-known fact that men are extremely hard to buy gifts for leaving busy wives, mothers and children searching for that something extra special and different each year and, with an ageing population – it’s not just dads and grandads that people buy presents for any more, but great grandads too adding extra pressure to find even more gifts with a personal touch.Father’s Day is fast approaching and the team at personalised gifts specialists Make it Personal are all set to meet the anticipated demands for the purchasing of this year’s ‘must have’ personalised gifts for dads, grandads and great grandads with a wider and more varied range of gifts than ever before.

Make it Personal Director, Peter Edmead said: “In our experience, Father’s Day gifts are usually well thought out and planned ahead with a gradual build up to the day itself; in fact many of our shipments are already well under way. Classic favourites are back this year with 2013 most popular gifts so far including our personalised stylish oak photoframes, cufflinks in their very own personalised case and sporting products such as our Father’s Day golf gifts which are always a great hit.”    

“My personal favourite and a gift range that is proving to be really popular this year is our wonderful selection of canvases. Whether you’re just looking to upload your favourite photo onto canvas, or make a montage of a special day, holiday or beloved pet, we have a wide range to choose from for you to personalise with our cleverly designed backgrounds. My other favourite is our family tree canvas ranges that are designed exclusively for us by us and they’re a great way to capture your family, making a feature for the wall of any proud grandad or great grandad.”

The wide range of gifts at Make it Personal make selecting the right gift hassle-free with no wasted hours spent looking for that all elusive gift. There are many personalised gifts websites on the internet, but Make it Personal is very unique with many of their products not only unique to their site, but so unique you can’t buy them anywhere else; having secured licensing agreements for many products including West Ham gifts and Fulham gifts, making their online store a veritable treasure trove of quality gifts.

Peter adds: “I’m sure most dads will be opening presents of socks, cufflinks and ties to name but a few, but after even just a few years of fatherhood, finding that truly original inspirational gift can mean the difference between a genuine smile on a Father’s Day morning or a smile that means it’s very thoughtful – it may be worn or used once or twice before being added to the pile at the back of the sock drawer or cupboard.”

If this sounds familiar, take an armchair visit to Make it Personal to check out their extensive range. From the unusual and higher priced prestige items such as the personalised golf club-head paperweight handmade in St Andrews to a simple, yet classic personalised picture frame, travel mug, BBQ and cooking accessories to Dad's very own stash of retro sweets in a personalised jar, Make it Personal has a present to suit all ages and budgets.

“Many sites out there say they have unique products, but it doesn’t take long to look around and find the same products on a competing site. Our in-house designers produce unique designs for our banners, cards, posters and much more which makes our personalised gifts truly personal,” concludes Peter.

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15 May 2013

Personalised Gifts

The subject of what makes truly personalised gifts is an interesting concept. Is it that a gift has a name of the recipient printed on a mug or calendar, or does the gift need a picture of a child, family member or that of their favourite cat or dog? What is clear is that as discerning consumers of gifts today we have the world at our finger tips with regard to how personalised we can now make a gift.

Celebrating Birthdays
A cultural change in celebrating birthdays to a higher level of expense and lavishness has steadily evolved over the last decade whereby 18th and 21st are not the only major events that people seem to now throw big parties for. Children’s 1st Birthdays to the big 30th, 40th 50th and 60th parties now have so much more relevance in society nowadays. People wish to push the boat out or more commonly arrange surprise parties to add to the indignity of promoting each decade milestone event. With this has come another explosion of personalised banners and birthday invitations in various designs and funny adaptations. Hugely embarrassing the birthday boy or birthday girl with some ancient pictures on a birthday banner is what birthdays are all about.

How to Customise Your Personalised Gifts
Online printers like us at Make It Personal have created a range of pre-designed templates to use as a basis. We then have a variety of funny adaptations and designs suitable for the mature people we've all become one year on (Yeah, right!). From mountain biking, to 80’s themes, or more retro 60’s and 70’s themes portraying vinyl records or the then famous mini skirt designs, all have a place in our online world. Plus, we can assist in stimulating creators and organisers of party events when designing these very individual gifts.

Uploading pictures has never been easier. There are now so many devices that hold our personal media from smart phones, tablets and our own PC’s. This enables us to go online at the drop of a hat and personalise templates far too easily. The power to upload the most embarrassing images we can find, that many may have forgotten about, usually as a result of being caught off-guard during a moment of drunken madness, is just fantastic.

The idea of personalised gifts create an instant image in our minds of putting names or pictures on products. But we must not forget that there are so many niche gifts on the market today that align themselves with the more colourful of adults and children alike from every walk of life. Customising a gift is exciting and truly limitless!

What's New?
New to the market just the other day there has been a range of products launched that have customised some of the UK’s best known brands. The result is a great series of products that are truly exclusive and can be so easily aligned to many of the colourful characters that we all know in our lives today.

The three ranges that have caught our eye and we have put up on the Make It Personal site are the Monopoly, Cluedo and Trivial Pursuit range. The Cluedo gifts include aprons, placemats and coasters, all adorning the names of the most famous assigns from the murder mystery game, including Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Professor Plumb and Reverend Green. By association I am sure instantly you could relate some of the people in your world to the characters of this game.

The Trivial Pursuit range also translates well to the more “clever clogs” in your life, you know, the people that always know the answers to everything and are league champions within the local pub quiz. This is a great personal gift for people that fit into this genre. What better way for them to finish off a dinner party than to get your guests to try and answer the most difficult questions off the placemats or off a bone china mug while sipping on a lemon and tangerine infusion bought from the local farm shop?

But my favourite has to be the Monopoly range, a game that I remember always brought together the whole family; I already know of one customer that says to their husband that he can “go to jail” if he doesn’t do the washing up with one of the Monopoly tea towels!!!

Cluedo Gifts Trivial Pursuit Gifts Monopoly Gifts

The diversity of application within personalised gifts never ceases to astound me, the recent explosion of the X Factor has ensured that, in the early part of the new millennium, we are once again experiencing the hype that Mickey Most for New Faces created in the 70’s and 80’s. We now live in the world of manufactured bands that are all carefully created and crafted to be global sensations: boy bands such as JLS, One Direction and Take That. However, what does every screaming teenager want? A signed poster of their favourite band member to pin on their wall and show off to their friends. Impossible! I hear you say …… but not as much as you think.

Get a Personalised Message From One Direction
Technology has now allowed this very dream to come true (with some smoke and mirrors) and now allows you to write your own lovely message to yourself or your best friend and then have it personalised over the image of One Direction band members Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. You could even pass it off as an original as all the handwriting style has been rendered from the artists’ own handwriting, making this a prized possession and something of a product of beauty to be swooned over by half of the teenage girl population. You can be as personal as you like, telling the recipient that they are the love of their life ……a fantasy that most girls will hang on their wall until the next big band comes along.

Don’t worry, for the more discerning customers of a more maturing age you can also have Cliff Richard and Tom Jones too, although secretly these may be hung on the inside of the pantry door than be on display for all to see.

TV-inspired Personalised Gifts
Brand Licensing has seen a massive growth over the last 10 years, everything that you see on television nowadays, from children’s programmes like Rory the Racing Car and Fifi and the Flowertots to TV cult series such as Dr Who have an array of products that you see for sale within the high street store.

It’s not only personalised gifts or gifts for our more eccentric or character rich relations and friends that we can now purchase, but the online world allows us to be masters of our own destiny in relation to our own living space. Gone are the days of mere flock wallpaper and weird shapes created by some retro designer sitting in a flat in Upminster Essex, but we can now turn our bedrooms into the Time Lord’s Tardis. Well, almost. This great interpretation is achieved through the development of large format digitally printed Dr Who wallpaper …… you can even have Daleks gracing your wall, although I don’t know about you, but I always tended to dive behind the curtain or pillows when I saw them on television. But for those of us who are brave these are now available in full high definition colour 8ft x 10ft - almost better than the real thing!

One Direction Personalised Poster Roary the Racing Car Mug Fifi Placemat and Coaster Set Doctor Who Tardis Wallpaper

A final word from Make It Personal
It seems that the gift industry will stop at nothing now to entice us to parting with our well-earned cash. For the male part of the population there seems to be an increasing pressure both from wives and girlfriends alike to buy or search for that ever so special and unique gift. It seems a mere photo frame with a picture in it is not enough to be different. The picture frame now has to be personalised with a message or names of loved ones to show that we have gone beyond the mere process of grabbing the first thing off the shelf at Boots. Fortunately, again online personalised gift sites help in making this process very easy, even for the most challenged of individuals that finds buying birthday or anniversary gifts a tiresome exercise.

The challenge for the online personalised gift industry is to create products that are different and not commonly found on a multitude of personalised web sites. We all want to be different and to be seen as authentic in our gifting choices. The rapid growth of the internet has allowed this to happen and for those of us who ply our trade within this space, have to value our customers’ decisions and be seen to be accommodating to the very complex facet of offering personalised gifts both in name and in nature for the wonderful people that they are truly intended for.

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8 March 2013

Sweets for My Sweets

Valentine's Day may be a distant memory, but it is always a great time to treat your sweetheart to a personalised gifts. A sweet gift can be chosen from our newly added range of personalised sweets. A selection is shown below to get your taste buds ready to remember some old favourites:


Retro Sweet Hamper

Traditional Sweets

Personalised Jar of Love Hearts


Retro Sweet Hamper:

A bumper hamper with 27 different varieties of some old favourites like Flying Saucers, Liquorice Wheels, drumstick lollies and jelly babies to name a few. Ths is a real feast for all sweet lovers.

The hamper is an added bonus with this gift and can be used long after the sweets have been eaten.

Click here to see the hamper and it's contents.


Jar of Traditional Sweets:

For those with a more traditional sweet-tooth, you can choose to have a jar filled with your favourite nostalgic sweets. The selection includes: Aniseeds Twists, Butterscotch, Jelly Babies, Kola Cubes, Mint Humbugs, Pear Drops and Rhubarb and Custards.

The label is personalised with your chosen name and a message.

Our favourite in the office are the  Sherbet Lemons :-)

Click here to see the full list of sweets you can choose from to fill this jar.


Jar of Love Hearts:

A jar full of Love Heart sweets will delight your loved one and keep them thinking of you.

Add your own name and message to the label on this jar to create a fun personalised gift.

Click here to see the full details and buy this jar of sweets.


Not seen anything to get your tastebuds going? Then click here to see the full range of sweets we have to offer and a few more tasty ideas as well

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27 February 2013

Personalised Books

Looking for a personalised gift with a difference, why not create a personalised book?

If you ever wanted to star as Long John Silver, Robin Hood, Juliet or Snow White, then a personalised books could be the solution.

With our range of books, you can decide who takes the starring role and include your friends and family in most of the books.

Buy the gift pack, choose your cast list and register the details, you will then be sent a unique 'first edition' within 14 days.

Our range of personalised Fairy Tales and Classic Novels include the following:

Jack and the Beanstalk


Alice In Wonderland 

Wizard of Oz 
Jack and the Beanstalk Cinderella

Alice In Wonderland

The Wizard of Oz

To see all the personalsied books that are available please Click here .

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8 February 2013

Mother's Day Is Fast Approaching

Mother’s Day is fast approaching and it’s a good time to start thinking how you are going to say thank you to Mum. Rather than just buy something last minute, why not take the time to create a unique personalised gift that Mum will really appreciate. We have selected a couple of ideas to start you thinking:

Photo Frame with your own caption

Personalised Family Canvas

Personalised Tea Set


Photo Gifts:

A photo is a great starting point in creating a number of photo gifts and these have a proven success as presents on Mother’s Day.

A simple and effective idea is to add you own message to a personalised photo frame and put your own printed photo in it. If Mum has the space on a wall, then using your favourite photo of the family in a photo canvas can be a striking centre piece. If you are feeling more adventurous and have more time compile a photo book to remind of special moments and events that will put a smile on Mum’s face. Have a look at the designs we have where you can upload your own photos and captions.



An increasingly popular gift is our range of personalised tea tins and tea sets. These are filled with Taylors of Harrogate English Breakfast Tea and make a colourful gift for tea lover. They have the added bonus that the tins can be kept and refilled.

We have more suggestions in our Mother’s Day Gift section, but please look at the other ideas elsewhere on our site and see what unique gift you can create for Mum.

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