28 October 2012

Height Charts for Children - a Perfect Personalised Gift

Height Charts Thomas the Tank Engine

Height charts are not only useful, as you keep track of your children's growth, but they can be a fun addition to your kids' rooms as well.  We've handpicked a selection of height charts for children that every little boy and girl is going to love, as they include Thomas the Tank Engine, Winnie the Pooh and Fifi and the Flowertots and not only that they can all be personalised with each child's name.

Remember the days when your parents made a mark on a wall to record your height? (Well at least mine did) - now you can create a precious record to keep for a very long time.

Our height charts are made of long lasting vinyl material and measure up to 155cms.  Personalise with both a name and your personal message using our personalisation software and give as a gift for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion when you want to give a treat.


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20 October 2012

Calling all Doctor Who Addicts with our Fantasy Wallpaper

Doctor Who Wallpaper

For any kid that loves Doctor Who, our Doctor Who wallpaper is the best present ever.  A little bit of extra work over Christmas perhaps, and unfortunately something that it would be impossible to put up overnight while your child is sleeping. We suggest you send the child you're going to give this to off on a sleepover with a friend, and give them a wonderful surprise when they come back to a room filled with Daleks, the Tardis and all the magic that surrounds it.

Doctor Who has been around and loved for a very long time and will carry on being a kids' favourite we know.  Our Doctor Who wallpaper comes in four different designs, one with the Doctor and Amy flying through the air, one with them fending off the Daleks, another (our favourite) the one we've shown here, and the fourth which we know kids will love, the inside of the Tardis itself.

You may not know that Doctor Who was first aired by the BBC in 1963 and is in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest running science fiction show in the world, so there's definitely more than one generation that'll get huge pleasure out of our wallpaper.

Give your kid a room full of magic this Christmas and create a science fiction fantasy in their room with our Doctor Who Wallpaper.

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16 October 2012

Occasions when a Personalised Gift is the Perfect Gift to Give


Taittinger Champagne Gift

When should you give a personalised gift?  There are occasions when giving something personalised makes your gift extra-special, and times when it doesn't make so much difference.

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle

For young kids, for example, a personalised mug or jigsaw puzzle will give great pleasure and give a sense of ownership, the occasion doesn't matter so much, it's about your having chosen something with their name on and when it comes down to football gifts, of course, the occasion again isn't so important, it's a memento of their favourite club (mums take note, this applies to older kids as well, up to a certain age, and only you can judge what that is).

Football Gift

Personalised Gifts make perfect gifts in particular for special birthdays, such as 18th and 21st birthdays, anniversary and wedding gifts and any occasion which needs to be specially marked.  Personalised champagne goes down well for most occasions - who doesn't love champagne.

Be careful when selecting your personalised gift to ensure that it's right for the person and for the occasion, a gift should never be just a 'gift', chosen in a hurry because you think it fills a need.  What you're looking for is that happy face when your gift is opened, and to know that it will be enjoyed and used. 

We've put together a collection of personalised gifts with something for everyone, choose the right one and it'll be treasured for a long time, other than the champagne of course, which personalised or otherwise will almost certainly be opened within a very short space of time.  But very much appreciated.


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13 October 2012

Fulham Football Club Gifts are 10% off at Make it Personal


Fulham Football Gifts and Party Supplies 

Fulham Football Gifts and Party Supplies are 10% off at Make it Personal

Everyone loves a gift that's been designed with them in mind, and when it features their favourite football team it becomes even more special.

Our totally exclusive and licensed range of Fulham Football Gifts and Party supplies includes Fulham Mugs, Birthday Banners and Photo Canvases, all of which you can personalise, plus Fulham football party supplies such as party invites, placemats and coasters, football gift wrap and more.

We're giving you 10% off your next order for our Fulham football gifts and party supplies for a limited time only, so whether you need party supplies for a birthday party or a gift for Christmas now's the time to get ordering.  Don't forget that most of our gifts are personalised, so they'll take a few days, although we do have some gifts ready and waiting for expedited delivery.

Just use Promotion Code FULHAMOCT12 when checking out to get your 10% discount.  This offer will expire on October 31st.



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7 October 2012

10% off our Exclusive Fifi and the Flowertots Gifts and Party Supplies - Limited Time Only

Fifi and the Flowertots Party Invitation

Kids just love Fifi and the Flowertots, and we have an exclusive collection including personalised birthday banners, door posters and height charts, plus party supplies such as personalised party invites, placemats and coasters, gift wrapping paper and thank you cards.

Right now's your chance to stock up on our Fifi and the Flowertots gifts, accessories and party supplies, all of which can be personalised to give any little girl a thrill, and just until October 16th you can take 10% off your order value when you quote promotional code FIFIOCT12 when checking out.

Christmas is round the corner so this is the perfect opportunity to get ready in advance for all the gift giving celebrations, not to mention any party planning you need to do.  We have more special offers to come over the next few weeks so look for them.  We'll be in touch.

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2 October 2012

The New Fulham Team Photo has Arrived!

Fulham Team Photo Canvas

For Fulham FC followers everywhere this is a unique opportunity to order the brand new Fulham Football Club team photo included in a personalised gift where you can choose to include both name and photo or just name alone - a photo canvas, one of our ever popular birthday banners, a door poster or a party placemat and coaster set.

Our Fulham FC Gifts are exclusive to Make it Personal and make wonderful gifts, for now, for birthdays and of course for Christmas.  Click through to find all our Fulham FC Gifts here and make sure you're one of the first to own the new Fulham team photo, you'll be hard put to find it elsewhere....

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