16 October 2012

Occasions when a Personalised Gift is the Perfect Gift to Give


Taittinger Champagne Gift

When should you give a personalised gift?  There are occasions when giving something personalised makes your gift extra-special, and times when it doesn't make so much difference.

Personalised Jigsaw Puzzle

For young kids, for example, a personalised mug or jigsaw puzzle will give great pleasure and give a sense of ownership, the occasion doesn't matter so much, it's about your having chosen something with their name on and when it comes down to football gifts, of course, the occasion again isn't so important, it's a memento of their favourite club (mums take note, this applies to older kids as well, up to a certain age, and only you can judge what that is).

Football Gift

Personalised Gifts make perfect gifts in particular for special birthdays, such as 18th and 21st birthdays, anniversary and wedding gifts and any occasion which needs to be specially marked.  Personalised champagne goes down well for most occasions - who doesn't love champagne.

Be careful when selecting your personalised gift to ensure that it's right for the person and for the occasion, a gift should never be just a 'gift', chosen in a hurry because you think it fills a need.  What you're looking for is that happy face when your gift is opened, and to know that it will be enjoyed and used. 

We've put together a collection of personalised gifts with something for everyone, choose the right one and it'll be treasured for a long time, other than the champagne of course, which personalised or otherwise will almost certainly be opened within a very short space of time.  But very much appreciated.


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