20 October 2012

Calling all Doctor Who Addicts with our Fantasy Wallpaper

Doctor Who Wallpaper

For any kid that loves Doctor Who, our Doctor Who wallpaper is the best present ever.  A little bit of extra work over Christmas perhaps, and unfortunately something that it would be impossible to put up overnight while your child is sleeping. We suggest you send the child you're going to give this to off on a sleepover with a friend, and give them a wonderful surprise when they come back to a room filled with Daleks, the Tardis and all the magic that surrounds it.

Doctor Who has been around and loved for a very long time and will carry on being a kids' favourite we know.  Our Doctor Who wallpaper comes in four different designs, one with the Doctor and Amy flying through the air, one with them fending off the Daleks, another (our favourite) the one we've shown here, and the fourth which we know kids will love, the inside of the Tardis itself.

You may not know that Doctor Who was first aired by the BBC in 1963 and is in the Guinness Book of Records as the longest running science fiction show in the world, so there's definitely more than one generation that'll get huge pleasure out of our wallpaper.

Give your kid a room full of magic this Christmas and create a science fiction fantasy in their room with our Doctor Who Wallpaper.

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