8 November 2012

Countdown to Christmas - Personalised Gifts for Little Girls


Choosing gifts for little girls can be quite hard, as unless you're going to go in for the fluffy bear, dvd or girly game the choice in the shops is endless of things they're really not going to appreciate.

Alphabet Jigsaw

We think that diversion is an excellent idea, so we'd suggest that you consider one of our alphabet jigsaws to start with, not only is it personal to them, with a special message and their name on it, but it'll take them hours to do unless you get roped in (note; the diversion tactic only really works if you can get two or more children to sit somewhere warm and concentrate, but that's up to you, we can only provide the tools).

Fairy Clock

As an alternative we know for a fact that little girls love our fairy clock.  They'll need you to help them learn the time, and to hang it in their room, but hopefully having something as pretty as this given to them (and don't let them drop it, this is made of bone china, will provide enough enjoyment on the day.

Fifi and The Flowertots Personalised Mug

We'd also suggest that you consider our Fifi and the Flowertots personalised mug, there's something about having something with your name on that makes it really special, and we have lots more Fifi and the Flowertots gifts and ideas to show you, all of which can be personalised with name only, or with name and a photo.

Pink Charm Bracelet

And finally what girl wouldn't like to be given our sweet pink charm bracelet with its personalsed heart?  We know we would.  Don't expect to hang on to it for long if you're given this and you have a little girl in the house.  We know these things.

We also know that not every little girl likes pink, which is why all of our gifts, from jigsaws to clocks to jewellery, come in different designs and coourways.

All of our personalised gifts are made totally unique by the addition of engraving, or addition of a name and/or photo.  This of course, despite the cleverness of our personalisation software, takes a little time, so please note that our last order date for Christmas is December 10th.

Click through to Make it Personal to see our full range of personalised gifts

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