How To:

Create an account: Click on this link 'Click here to create an account' and enter your details.

Access your saved projects: Click on this link Click here to login and access 'Saved Projects'

Personalise an item?

Click on the red 'Personalise it now button' on the product page to take you to the personalisation page(s).

For text personalisation: add your text, then click 'save and update'. If there is default text that is not required, please delete this. You will be able to see what text will be used in the preview window on the left hand side.

For photo personalisation: In the 'Image' section on the right hand side, click on the icon with the green arrow to upload your photos. This will allow you to crop your images to fit the picture frame being used. To use photo you have already uploaded click on the icon 'Select from my library' to choose your image. Photos will update automatically in the preview window once loaded.

If there is more than one page to personalise, click on go to page 'n' or you can click on the page icon under the preview window. When all pages are complete, you will then be able to add your item to your shopping basket.

Please note: You only have to login when you want to save or buy an item. Once saved, your item will be kept in your account so you can go back and re-visti whem you like.

Request a non-UK delivery: Please email with your required delivery details. Please include the items to be delivered and a full postal address so we can calculate the cost for delivery. Please note: we will not proceed with an international delivery without your agreement.

I have run out of space for my photos. How do I create space?

The image library size limit is 100MB. If this has been exceeded, you will need to delete some of your images to add further images/photos. Please note: Do not delete any images you are using in your current item(s) or they will not process correctly.

To create space please do the following:

Click on the ‘Edit My Details’ tab and click on ‘Open my image library’.

Click on My Files (2nd option down on the left) to show all your photos. You can then select those that you are not currently using.

To delete, check the tick box to the right of the photo name and then click on the waste basket icon. You can select single or multiple images. You will be asked to confirm the action before deletion. Photos with (cropped) in their name will have been placed in one of your products.

At the bottom left you will be able to see My Files which shows how much space you are using and Size which shows how much space is free.