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Personalised Christmas Books for Children

There is no doubt that books are a great present for children as they stimulate their young minds and allow them to imagine a whole world without leaving the house. If you have chosen to give a book as a Christmas Gift, will it be an ebook or a more traditional paper book?

In recent years it has become a topic for debate if the tide of ebook readers such as the Kindle and Kobo have made giving a traditional book as a gift, let alone a personalised Christmas book gift, to being somewhat second rate. This new technology has it’s merits which include being convenient, fitting in your pocket and can hold thousands of books, but does it give the reader and especially children a truly interactive experience.

Technology savy children today will no doubt relish having the hardware as a gift, will have no problem navigating their way round these readers, computers and tablets which is a good thing, so giving an ebook seems to be a logical gift at Christmas. But what of the actual process of reading the book? Ask yourself: Does a book on an e-reader have the level of interaction that makes it a memorable or even an appropriate Christmas gift for children?

We have all struggled with some of the text books we had to wade through in our school days, but in our formative years most people will still remember some of the early books, or at least some of the associated pictures, we were introduced to at school or have been read by our parents.  It is the level of interaction for children that sets a traditional book apart from it’s technological counterpart which is a more solitary experience as they are difficult to share. Children respond particularly well to books with pictures as these allow them to follow the story (or create their own) without actually reading the words. Parents can get involved and strengthen the relationship with their children by reading to them, helping them to improve their reading and using the characters in the illustrations to create an extra part to the story. All this is invaluable and helps to develop their creative side.

This is true in general of all traditional children’s books but with today’s technology we are able to create personalised children’s Christmas books that expand this experience by involving children fully in the story. Name can be printed to become the main character and in some books their friends can star alongside them. These range from traditional Fairy Tales (eg Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs) and classic novels through to comics (eg The Beano Christmas Book). Even colouring books can be created using the child’s name as a design to colour in.

In summary, giving an ebook as a gift is somewhat sterile when compared to a physical book. When a real book is given it can be picked up, flicked through, the illustrations admired, and even smelled. It has substance. As Stephen King said “Books are a uniquely portable magic”, so choose one of our books and create some personalised portable magic today.

We have shown our personalised Christmas books for children here, to see the full range of personalised books please CLICK HERE and explore all the possibilities. Don’t forget, giving a personalised Christmas book isn’t exclusively for children, adults enjoy this unique form of gift as well.