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Making the most of Personalised Christmas Decorations

When do you put your Christmas decorations up?
Everyone has their own time to start putting up the Christmas decorations and it can be a source of much discussion and usually includes the topic of how early the big stores start festooning for the less than subtle big sales push. It used to be that decorations were put up on Christmas Eve based on the superstition that it was considered unlucky to bring evergreens into the home before this and could bring evil spirits into the house. Today with our busy lives it is now acceptable to decorate at any time after roughly two weeks before Christmas Day which helps to get into the holiday mood earlier. This extended period has the added advantage of removing some of the mayhem associated with decorating and preparing for Christmas Day in a short space of time on Christmas Eve.

Make it a fun family event
In most households the main focus of the seasonal decorations is the Christmas Tree. Decorating the tree can be made into a family event when everyone gets together to help and is said by some to be the real start to Christmas. Start by adding the lights, then the decorations in the traditional Christmas colours of green, red and white together with liberal helpings of gold and silver thrown in for good measure. Although the same decorations, tinsel, baubles and trinkets are used year after year, every family has their favourite decorations and some of these may have been passed down through the family and could possibly be classified as Family heirlooms.

What about Personalised decorations?
Just like a personalised book, a personalised decoration gets the children involved as they feel part of what is happening and can look forward to hanging their own decoration on the tree. Why not start a family tradition of your own and give a personalised tree decoration each year. This could build up and have quite a story behind them when your children grow up and have kids of their own. Our children have had a procession of different snowmen over the years with their names on that will no doubt be used on their Christmas trees for years to come.

Baubles and ornaments have long been the most common form of Christmas decoration as they hang conveniently on a tree branch. Why not make them stand out by adding a name or even a seasonal message to them.

Santa Please stop here” - To make sure that Santa Stops at your house you need to have a sign to help visit the right child. A personalised Santa Stop sign actually showing your child’s name is much more personal and can be hung on your door, Christmas Tree or over the fireplace.

Stockings have long been one of the most popular decorations possibly to do with the legend that Saint Nicolas, or as he is better known Santa Claus, will pay a visit and leave a gift (or two) in them. Add your child's name to their stocking and it will clear where the presents should be left and it can also be used year after year. Bring them out and be sure to check well before Christmas Eve that the mice haven't eaten it before there is huge disappointment.

When do you take the Christmas decorations down?
After all the festivities and fun of Christmas and for practical reasons in most households, normality has to return at some point and the decorations have to be taken down. Traditionally decorations are taken down on Twelfth Night the 5th January, but if you love Christmas why not go along with the old tradition of leaving the decorations up until Candlemas day (2nd February) as they did until the 19th century or you could leave them up all year! However, it is more likely they get taken down when the children go back to school or you have had enough of dragging tinsel with you wherever you go in the house.