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Personalised Football Gifts

The Elusive World Cup Win
I often wonder if England ever, and I mean EVER win the world cup again, how would our industry in Personalised Football Gifts ever cope? I mean there would be a vast increase in demand from every fanatical football fan young and old. I guess not just fans, either, but people who would jump on the band wagon to have anything with their name on associated with this historic win.

As a side note, if you really want to become depressed, take an average life cycle of around 80 years less your current age and then divide by four. That’s the number of chances you have to possibly see England lift the magical World Cup trophy……scary thought, hey?

Back in 1966, when Bobby Moore (who used to be a relation of mine) lifted the World Cup there wasn’t even a sign of anything personalised in relation to any of the football clubs in the English leagues. There might have been the one off Football Rattle, which may have been scribed using an indelible pen with the personalised name of the owner….Bob, Frank, Burt, Tom. But nothing else. How funny that there didn’t seem to be an abundance of long names in those days, not like now.

Premiership Football
Today, each major football club in the UK pride themselves in the plethora of various personalised football gifts. Two such clubs,
West Ham United and Fulham FC , each allow Make It Personal to take control of their gifts within this genre.

Such things as Personalised Door Posters, which have always been a great way to set your territory apart from your sister's room, if you are a 13 year old boy, clearly state you are the West Ham or Fulham fan with your name visible across the top of the brightly colour “Badge of Pride”. My son always likes it when his team has blown away the opposition the previous Saturday. There seems to be a few more of his mates round to play West Ham Vs Manchester United on the Xbox, anyway. Plus, you can be sure all the personalised posters and the personalised West Ham mugs come out to gloat, even though it may be for no more than six days until the next challenge arises again.

What I have become staggered with though is the pure array and depth of personalised football gifts now available and suitable for all ages. It ranges from Personalised Water Bottles and Dog Bowls, all the way through to massive wall murals that become an integral part of the decorating plan of a bedroom, regardless of whether the colour schemes match the wallpaper and paint option of the wife or girlfriend. Calendars and Canvases also add a flash of decorative colour to kitchens and bedrooms, and like our Bobby Moore Canvas, these can look decorative and acceptable within certain styles of accommodation.

There seems to be an interesting dichotomy in how and when people first become a football fan. Is it because your Dad or Granddad have always supported teams like West Ham or Fulham FC? When do you first become aware of a team and decide to pledge your undying love and allegiance for the rest of your days? My guess is around 8 or 9 is a good age. But, some will say, “I remember getting a poster for my wall, or someone gave me a programme or when the club won the cup." That probably explains why there are so many Manchester United or Liverpool supporters today.

Football Themed Birthdays
The biggest rise in Personalised Football Gifts has to be the birthday sector……An increasing number of Fathers and Mothers who are looking to shine in the eyes of their sons and daughters are ordering personalised
Birthday Banners, adorning the favourite colours of the preferred football team. At Make It Personal you can easily choose a template design suitable for the young or old. Then simply upload an image that appears right next to the club of choice, before adding the name and age too. With fast Inkjet print technology these banners are printed and distributed within hours of being ordered and arrive certainly within five days from order.

For the more mature member of the football fraternity, the decade milestones such as  30th, 40th and 50th Birthday Parties are always a great time to give a football fan a little nostalgic and memorabilia surrounding their club. Back in 1966 when England won the World Cup, it is often said that West Ham United was the feeder club that won the day back then. Moore, Hurst and Banks all came from the East End stable of new and exciting players. And for those born in the 1960’s, news snippets and articles from this time can be part of a great personalised gift experience and create a truly unique gift.

By far though the most ordered personalised football gift is the Team Mug, affordable and easy to order, this creates a clear statement of support and ownership regarding the allegiance to any club. But, be warned. Walk into a room or an office with one of these and you are opening yourself up to personal ridicule if Chelsea or Liverpool tore you apart at the weekend, for sure.

So, it’s official, the world just loves personalised gifts, especially around football clubs. Whether it's for a first birthday or you're getting your lad or daughter their first truly memorable football gift to try and get them on your side. Or perhaps it's just something for Granddad to try and get him to remember the good old days. Back when all he had was a scarf and a football rattle as added tools to demonstrate your allegiance to any one club. Where will it stop? Nobody knows, but for sure Make It Personal will endeavour to be looking out for the next best thing so you can personalise your gift and you are seen to be the No1 Friend.