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Are you looking for a present for a tea or coffee drinker? Do they love inviting friends over for tea and biscuits on a Saturday afternoon? Or can't function without a coffee in the morning?  Give them a personalised tea set or coffee hamper! You can have a special printed mug sat in amongst some of the most delicious flavours of tea or coffee from all over the world. Everyone has their favourite mug in the cupboard and one customised with their name will suddenly rise to number one in no time!

Tea probably came to being in China. Its aromatic qualities meant it was a popular medicinal drink. The Portuguese brought it to Europe in the 16th Century and it became popular in Britain in the 17th. We went on to introduce it to India to compete with the vast tea monopolies of China. Oh, the good old days of the British Empire!

Our personalised tea sets come in different colours and designs from general floral patterns, poppies or a Union Jack. These modern tea sets contain three tins of luxury tea bags and one mug. You can use the tins to store tea, milk, coffee and sugar later.

Or you could choose to give them a coffee hamper instead. The hampers contain two types of coffee beans, a chocolate made of milk coffee, and a mug that completes the coffee set. Any guy or girl who loves a brew will be delighted to receive such gifts! Especially a person who loves to play host because they can treat their guests to some great tea and coffee flavours they may never have tasted before.

Coffee was first cultivated in southern Arabia at some point prior to the 15th Century. It was initially banned in several Western nations, being linked to many rebellious political activities in Europe, for example. The first coffee shop in England was opened in St. Michael's Alley in Cornhill, London. By 1675 there were over 3000 coffeehouses in the country.

Tea and coffee sets make great personalised gifts for all occasions. You can present the set to that special person on their birthday, as their anniversary present or as a token on their promotion. Plus many more! If you are going to visit a friend's new house buy a nice coffee hamper to surprise them as a housewarming present.

Tea and coffee are the fuel that Britain runs on, and a personalised tea or coffee set can be a gift that someone will use for years to come. Choose from a variety of styles, our tea and coffee gifts can be picked out and customised specifically for your recipient, with caddy designs that cover a range of contemporary styles you'll find something for everyone.