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Date for your diary: Father's day this year falls on June 15th 2014, so make sure you allow plenty of time to look for a personalised fathers day gift that will be remembered.

At Make it Personal we know that buying your dad a special gift for Fatherís Day, or any occasion, really, can be a little difficult, especially when he tells you heís got everything he needs.

On top of this, men generally prefer to receive very different kinds of gifts to women. A Fatherís Day golf gift, for example, if your dad likes golf, would be better than clothes or aftershave. Sound confusing?

Hereís whatís best and why....

1. Men are Cheap
Men, especially dads, will buy the cheap version of something they need rather than the more expensive, better quality and adventurous version. This is generally because years of responsible purchasing and teaching their children to save money properly, they have forgotten how to spontaneously splurge on things for themselves. So why not buy your dad a more expensive version of what he already has? If he plays golf, for example, then a fancy personalised golf ball or towel can replace what he already has. At least you know heíll use it.

2. Men Love Doing Things
Men are creatures of action. When they meet up with friends itís not to sit and chat over a cup of tea and a biscuit, itís to go and play sport, look at cars, do some DIY or at the very least, go to the pub to watch the football with a pint. In the minimal moments between doing, will they actually express their feelings or consider giving out any gossip.
Get your dad something he can use. Playing golf is a popular pastime for many men because it involves action and, unlike many other sports, can be continued for a very long time once the joints have put an end to the football career. Therefore, getting Fatherís Day golf gifts like a tee and fork set are great because he can use them regularly and if heís a seasoned player, a lot of his golfing equipment might be quite old and used out so you can buy some new stuff.

3. Be Creative
As has been suggested, dads often donít spend lots of cash on themselves, unless it is really practical and can be used often. If you really canít find anything that they need or that needs upgrading, then simply get creative. Men appreciate it when someone puts their creative nature to the fore. It is one of the things men respect in other men and measure who is the alpha among them. Sure one man might be very strong and loud but being creative shows courage and a willingness to put themselves on the line in a different way.
Creativity is a leadership quality, it is the ultimate expression of action, to make something from nothing, and men will respect other men, and also women, for it. Dads love to know they are surrounded by resourceful people and are part of a team who are willing to push the boat out. At the very least it reassures them that they have been able to teach those around them something. They will ultimately feel very proud if someone creates something for them.
Why not try combine two of his interests or everyday activities? Think about it.

4. Men Love to Feel Manly
A good idea for a gift for your dad is not necessarily designer clothes or aftershave. Especially if no real thought has gone into them, only money. These are good if you are buying other gifts as well, or if they are very unique to them, but not really on their own. Itís like when a woman has been waiting to see what her new boyfriend has bought her, only to find heís just gone into the nearest body shop and bought her a random selection of bath soaps.
As mentioned above, men like things they can use and really get into. Whether itís a day out with his friends paintballing, a round of golf at a top golf course, or a new selection of DIY tools. This is what makes a man feel manly.

5. Men Love to Collect
Everyone loves to collect, both men and women, mums and dads, but what they collect can be very different. Men love memorabilia which they can show off to their friends, especially something which is very unique to them and others will struggle to get hold of. Find him a signed sports shirt perhaps, a personalised Ryder Cup newspaper book or get a big print of that photo of dad meeting one of his heroes in a sturdy frame.

Another Helpful Tip
Finding a gift for your dad can be hard because, unlike your mum, he wonít necessarily be as open about what he loves quite as often. But just listen to what he does say and watch what he does. He might not even realise he likes doing something but if youíve noticed it and then buy him something to do with it, heíll love it.

If you are the person to make him realise he loves something with a great fatherís gift then you will be of much higher value to him!