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A Personalised Gift for the Kitchen?
Back in the mists of time, it used to be that the kitchen was the exclusive domain of the woman in the relationship and no man dare tread there. But not anymore. With the rise of the TV chefs like Jamie Oliver, The Hairy Bikers, Nigella Lawson and Rick Stein who have made it cool to cook, both men and women are willing to show off their culinary skills in the kitchen.

However, there may be many of you who have been warned off buying presents that have anything to do with the kitchen as these are seen to be more functional items that have no real†thought behind them when given as a present. As a consequence there have been many disappointed husbands and wives who have said Ďthank youí through gritted teeth after receiving a set of saucepans or heaven forbid a cookery book to tell them how to cook! While these can be considered to be thoughtful, especially if the old set has seen better days or your other half loves cooking, they are not very personal. Most people will understandably play it safe and heed the warnings, and look elsewhere for a suitable present particularly if you are searching for a gift for a special occasion or anniversary.

For those of you who are prepared to live a little more dangerously and give a present associated with the hub of the home you can, with a bit of thought, give a carefully selected personalised kitchen gift to get around this dilemma. Here we offer a few kitchen gift ideas:

This is my Kitchen!
Some people will actively want everyone to know that it is their kitchen and putting up a sign is a great way to do this. These can be very simple, funny or downright offensive. Our suggested choice would be the simple approach to avoid upsetting anyone and a personalised slate sign makes a great feature and allows the right message to be given. Choose an appropriate name for the kitchen or restaurant if you want to elevate itís status, add a thoughtful caption or message and the sign can bring a smile to even the most fearsome of chefs.

The Place to Eat
The kitchen has always been a place for eating and it is now more acceptable to invite friends for meals that take place in this more informal setting rather than the dining room. Houses with a featured kitchen-diner are also becoming more popular and desirable. With a more relaxed approach this opens up the possibility of using items that have a more personal touch where your tableware doesnít have to match. One good example would be personalised coasters and placemats. You can stay with the slate theme suggested previously for the sign and add a meaningful message to them or go for a more humorous approach with a BBQ King or Queen Placemat and coaster set that features a photo of the lucky receiver.

Tugging on the Apron Strings
Donít forget that kids love to get involved in the kitchen and be like Mum and Dad. Giving a personalised childrenís apron with their name on is a fantastic way to get them involved and learn a new skill. As all parents know, although it will be great fun things usually get messy but this should also have the benefit of saving on the washing!

Giving an apron to an adult is more of a conventional present and has long been a staple gift for Motherís Day, but these can be offered at any time of the year and they arenít just for Mum. A personalised apron for him is also rising in popularity as men show what they can do in the kitchen. Adding the recipientís name turns it from an everyday item into something more personal that allows them to proclaim how great a chef they are.

Would you like a Cup of Tea?
What about giving some tea or coffee . . . . or does this sound a little too much like an everyday purchase? Well, we can offer something that is a little different that can be personalised with the recipientís name. Their name is printed on a very handy tin full of breakfast tea or ground coffee or on a mug as part of a gift set. Both the tins which can be used again and the mug will act as a continued reminder of the thoughtful present they have received. Choose whether it is to be personalised tea or personalised coffee then select from the available designs. This could be considered to be one of our more unusual gift ideas.

These are a few suggestions, but hopefully they will have taken some of the fear away from buying a kitchen related gift. Taking the next step is up to you. If you arenít feeling brave enough, you could always turn to personalised sweet jars as an alternative . . . . . the choice is yours.