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Choosing Personalised Gifts for Kids

Buying a gift for kids can be a daunting task. Ask them what they would like and they are constantly changing their minds as the latest trend comes and goes in the blink of an eye. This is an extremely difficult battle that many a parent, grandparent, uncle and aunt struggle to succeed with. Even at an early age children are given money to avoid the stress of this process. However, get it right and the sense of achievement you will feel will be well worth it.

The best gifts are often the simplest. We all remember the disappointment as our carefully considered gift that we have spent hours fretting over is discarded and the box or the wrapping paper becomes the centre of their attention.

Some of the more successful gifts have a couple of things in common:
1) they allow a level of involvement and
2) the simple fact that it has their name on it.

A good example of such a gift is a personalised height chart . The involvement in one of these unique personalised gifts for kids comes from them being able to see how fast they are growing up. They may even rush back after eating their greens to see if they have worked! A growth chart also re-enforces the use of numbers, without them realising as they keep coming back to see the results. With the addition of their name on the chart, it becomes theirs and something they can re-visit and look after. There can be some disadvantages, my nephews often have arguments over who is growing fastest or if they have marked each otherís charts. However, this is a reminder that they are children after all.

Children want to grow up
We donít want our children to grow up too fast but they do love to feel wanted and be part of the adult world. There are countless examples where children want to help their Mum, Dad or Granddad with whatever they are doing. Helping Granddad or Grandma to dig the garden is such an example. One successful personalised gifts for kids suggestion here would be a gardening set with their name on it. This makes a great gift that ticks all the boxes and also has the benefit of getting them involved in an outside activity and giving them what might be a useful life skill.

Ignite their imagination
As we all know children have fantastic imaginations and this can be something to behold. Giving a gift that stimulates this will often be a winner and can have the added benefit of encouraging them to read more. Creating a book that has their name in it will focus their attention, particularly if they feature in a story with one of their favourite characters such as Woody from Toy Story or Dora the Explorer as they go on their adventures. These are very popular examples of personalised gifts for kids.

For older children who are familiar with more traditional Fairy Tales such as Goldilocks and the Three Bears or Jack and the Beanstalk there are personalised book gifts where you can replace the main character with their name and even include family members as well. You will know if you get it right, particularly with younger children, as they will want to keep hearing the story again and again and again and again!

A sense of belonging
Keeping with a simple approach, graphical images and photographs can be a huge success. One of our more popular personalised gifts for kids is a personalised mug with their photo and name on. Having a proper mug, just like Mum and Dad, allows them to be a bit more grown up.

If you can add an image of one of their favourite characters, such as Roary The Racing Car or Fifi and the Flowertots, you are likely to have a sure fire hit. Association with familiar characters or inclusion in a group helps to make a gift for a child successful and will allow them to be the envy of their friends.

One downside might be that it brings out a competitive nature. This brings us to sports, which are a good example to use. In the UK an affiliation with a football club is of particular note. Which team to support is not always chosen by the child and they often will support the same team as Dad or Mum. This can run through the generations helping to reinforce a sense of belonging in both the family and the wider aspect of supporting a team.

Following their team can stay with them through their lives as we have seen in sales of our Fulham and West Ham gifts, which have been purchased for both young and old. Personalised mugs are a strong contender as a gift here, but what about a poster or a placemat with the club colours that also features your childís photo?

Just remember, when it comes to buying presents for adults, we are no different to children really, we just like to think that we are . . . .