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Mothering Sunday in the UK this year falls on Sunday 30th March 2014 and gifts are traditionally bunches of flowers, chocolates and hand made cards. The celebration of 'Mother's Day'  has been practiced by civilizations for thousands of years and despite having differing historical origins and being celebrated on different days in different countries throughout the year, it is observed all over the world with one common theme: the celebration of mothers and motherhood.

Mothering Sunday.
Mothering Sunday as it is known in the UK is celebrated in the UK on the fourth Sunday of Lent. The history of Mothering Sunday goes back to the 17th century and has it's origins as a Christian holiday. Throughout the year, churchgoers would attend their local parish or 'daughter' church. Once a year it was seen to be important to visit the 'mother' church which would be the main church or cathedral. This was a big event in the calendar and became an important occasion where families got together.

At the time, it was commonplace for children and in particular daughters, to leave home and work as domestic servants or in apprenticeships from the age of 10. This was linked to the annual visit to the mother church, it became traditional for these children to be given the day off to allow them to visit their family and more importantly their mother, on their travel home they would pick wild flowers and present them on their arrival: one of the more traditional mother day gifts.

The Modern Mother's Day.
Mothering Sunday in the UK, Ireland and Nigeria and Mother's Day elsewhere is celebrated on different days, they are now widely called the same and celebrated on the same day in the UK, their origins are different. The birth of the modern Mother's Day is seen to be when it was dedicated to the memory of “the best mother in the world – your mother” by the US Senate following a campaign in the early 20th century by Anna Jarvis. In the UK this idea was supported by Constance Penswick-Smith who created the Mothering Sunday Movement and published a booklet 'The Revival of Mothering Sunday'. She had been inspired by Anna Jarvis and the movement grew reflecting the feelings of grieving mothers who lost their sons in the First World War and then through the influence American soldiers based in the UK during the Second World War, so that by the 1950's it was being widely celebrated across the UK and today in most countries of the world.

It is the Americans who usually get the blame for the commercialisation of Mother's Day, but like it or not, the 'tradition' of giving a gift is here to stay and who can really argue when you look at the things our Mum's do for us. The options for personal presents has grown since the mid 20th century and to let your Mother know how much she is appreciated you will surely be looking for gift ideas for mothers day to give on that special day whatever you may know it as.

You can always give flowers but some good mothers day presents we can suggest are: a personalised photo frame that you can put a picture of the grandchildren in. Create a family photo canvas showing the family together or how about a personalised tin of tea for something a little different.

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