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Giving Personalised Books as Gifts

Some would believe that the popularity of tablets and e-readers would signal the demise of printed books. It may well have reduced the number of novels being purchased but there is still the experience of holding an actual book and for many this is something that can’t really be replaced.

While the giving an e-book can be a thoughtful gift, it doesn’t have the same impact as the printed item especially if it has been personalised in some way. An inscription on the cover can mean more than the actual item and a physical book will shows signs of aging whether it’s well-thumbed pages or fading due to sunlight. You’ll struggle to match that with an e-book.

Taking this to another level, giving a personalised book to the recipient where their name is used as the main character is a unique way to turn the book into an even more individual present. This can cover all age ranges, from Fairy Tales for children to Classic novels for those who those at a more advanced reading level. By changing the lead characters names these books are turned into something a little more special. Some even have an additional level where other characters can be personalised so that family member or friends can be included in the plot. The books on offer from Make It Personal can be broken into three broad groups:

Personalised Children’s Books
Kids love to have a story read to them. If you can use their name it will take it to another dimension and it will make them want to hear the story over and over again. Add their friend’s names and it is sure to be a big hit. With their name in the book they can let their imagination run riot and join in the adventures of Sponge Bob or Woody from Toy Story. For those children who are a little older a firm favourite is Cinderella, a unique Ladybird version which includes original colour illustrations. You choose if the names of Cinderella, The Fairy Godmother, The King, The Prince, The Ugly Sisters, The King’s Herald are to be changed.

Personalised Novels
For those who have read more widely giving a ‘new’ version of their favourite book makes a fun personalised gift. Romeo and Juliet is one of the more popular books and is a favourite present for Valentine’s Day if you are looking for a gift that is a little different. Another popular example is Treasure Island where the characters of Jim Hawkins, Squire Trelawney, Dr Livesey, Captain Smollett, Long John Silver, Ben Gunn can have their name changed to whoever you choose.

Personalised Football and Sports Books
A variation on this theme could be seen to be a little less personal but does make a fantastic gift for anyone who is a dedicated sports fan. Anyone who has a keen interest in their favourite sport will have endured the highs and lows of being a supporter and loves to have access to those pivotal moments from the trials and tribulations over the years. Football is a good example of such a book where newspaper cuttings are used to trace the history of a football club. They are a great way to relive the highs and lows of the club’s progress through the years. The personalisation for these books is on the first page of the book where a dedication or message can be added – just like an inscription in a more traditional book.

These books cover a whole range of sports and other examples include rugby, golf or even Formula One. Highlighting memorable moments from the past and up to the present day these make a coffee table book that can take pride of place. They will surely start numerous conversations and hopefully not arguments. If you are looking for a gift for the man in your life who is proving a little difficult to buy for, it is likely he is a sports fan so this could be an ideal present solution.

With a little thought you can take the time to find a personalised book that suits the intended recipient, makes them smile and have the satisfaction in helping to show that the printed book hasn’t had its day.