Golf Paper Weight - St Andrews

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This paper weight is hand-made in St Andrews and uses a cleek club-head from the golden age when clubs had hickory shafts .

This personalised golf gift is engraved with two lines of message on the base plate.

An unusual gift that will be appreciated by a golf fan.

Personalised Golf Paper Weight

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Please note that due to the hand-crafted nature of this product, delivery is within 15 days.

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This paper weight uses a (Cleek) authentic club-head entirely hand-made at the factory in St Andrews, Scotland.

About the Cleek Club Head

The dictionary definition of the word “cleek” is an iron-headed golf club with a very narrow face and little loft similar to a 1-iron today. However, a cleek-maker and cleek mark were also terms used to describe the maker of the iron club heads and the pictorial insignia used to mark the club head. Traditionally, cleek-makers produced just the heads of the clubs while club-makers were the ones who finished the club by adding the shaft and other finishing touches.

Gift Personalisation

Paper Weights up to 40 characters (20 characters per line) engraved on the base plate itself.


Please note that due to the hand-crafted nature of these products, delivery is within 15 days.

Definition: Golf Club - 1. The basic implement in golf, which consists of along shaft on one end of which is the head, which is attached to the shaft at the heel and has on one side a distinct face. 2. A social organisation built around a golf course and composed of a number of heels, a membership committee head with two faces, and a long waiting list of people who are going to get the shaft.

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