Golf Set

Price: £24.99

A practical and personal gift for your special golfer.

Set comprises, 3 tees, ball marker and pitch repairer.
Disc is personalised with up to 3 initials plus 3 full stops.

Ideal gift for Birthdays, Father's Day, Christmas..

Personalised Golf Set

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A golf set with 3 tees, a pitch repairer and a ball marker with interchangeable disc which can be engraved with up to 3 initials and 3 fullstops.

Personalisation: Please include the fullstops  i.e L.P.T.

Definition: Pitch - An approach shot made with a short iron. There are four basic kinds of pitch shot: one in which the ball is given top spin to let it run along the green toward the cup (pitch-and run); one in which it is given backspin to make it "sit down" and stop next to the cup (pitch-and-stop); one in which it is shanked into a water hazard or dense under growth (pitch-and-search or pitch-and-destroy); and one in which it is driven directly into the ground with a half-top (pitch-and-moan).

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