World's Best Golfer Golf Ball

Price: £4.99

A fun gift for a golfer, this personalised golf ball shows who the World's Best Golfer is.

Personalise by adding a name of up to 15 characters on the front.

Add your message to the back, of up to 4 lines of 15 characters.

A great personalised gift for any time of the year but ideal to celebrate Father's Day, Birthdays, Christmas or even a Hole In One!

Personalised World's Best Golfer Golf Ball

Personalise it now

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Personalise it now

The ball reads 'Worlds Best Golfer' as standard and can be adapted for any male relative such as Daddy, Grandad or husband (any name up to 15 characters-please note the "and" is fixed).

You can also personalise the mug on the reverse with any message, up to on 4 lines, 15 characters per line.

4.2 cm diameter

Please note that this product is designed as a keepsake, they may be used but we cannot guarantee the durability of the print.

Golf Ball Joke: Two dads who have never met before are playing golf together in a monthly competition. Then, unfortunately, on one particularly difficult hole both golfers hit their balls into the same sandy bunker.

They make their way over. As they walk, the first golfer says, "I'm playing with a new ball my kids got me as a Father’s Day gift. It says: ‘World’s Best Golfer’.”
The second golfer responds, “So am I. My kids did the same thing. How will we tell them apart?”
The first man says, "Well, don’t worry, mine also has my initials on the back, ‘J.L.’ My name is Jim Leek.”
The second man says “So does mine. I’m John Lemon.”
Jim says, “Mine has a picture of me printed on the back, too.”
John says, “So does mine.”

Jim looks at John. They both have brown hair and look quite similar.

Before they reach the bunker they decide to call over the Course Marshall, who is passing by in his golf buggy, for a decision.

The Marshall approaches the bunker and steps in. Standing and examining both balls he scratches his head and then climbs out of the sand and turns around to the two waiting golfers. “Erm...Which one of you is playing with the orange ball?” 

Definition: Mixed Foursome - A quartet of golfers composed of two separate grounds for divorce.

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